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Desbiens Parrot gestion conseil, supports many organizations from the industrial, institutional, public, and commercial sectors.

Since 1998, our mission is to help our customers to improve their performance and competitiveness by offering a support service in the establishment and improvement of environmental management systems (ISO 14001), the quality (ISO 9001), health and safety (OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001) and several other areas, such as sustainable development, food safety, analytical laboratories and security of information technology.

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ISO 14001 is an international standard established by the International Standards Organization, which is the reference to implement an environmental management system. It aims to help companies and organizations managing the impacts of their activities on the environment and to demonstrate the effectiveness of their management.

It is based on the continuous improvement process to ensure the organizations control the environmental impacts of their business. It engages the whole organization in a process of continuous improvement of its environmental performance and allows it to remain compliant with environmental regulations.

ISO 9001 is an international standard established by the International Standards Organization. This standard defines the requirements for the implementation of a quality management system for organizations wishing to constantly improve the satisfaction of their clients and provide compliant products and services. ISO 9001 is for all organizations, regardless of its size and sectors.

ISO 9001 standard was published for the first time in 1987 and is regularly revised since. His first revision was in 1994, the following in 2000, which integrated the notion of process, then 2008, and the last in 2015. This latest version of ISO 9001 was published in September 2015 and now allows to take into account internal and external challenges of an organization and the associated risks. The changes to the 2015 version compared to 2008 version are significant, in order to provide a standard adapted to the current economic context.

British standard BS OHSAS 18001 (for “British Standard Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services”) is a model of health management system and safety at work.

CAN / CSA-Z1000 is a Canadian standard published by the Canadian Standards Association of Canada. This standard also prescribes the requirements for a health management system and security (OHSMS).

The International Standards Organization is developing a new standard (ISO 45001) on health and safety management system. This new standard will be published eventually.

All these standards are intended to alleviate, protect and improve the health, safety and well-being of workers in their workplace. They also optimize the performance of the OHS management system in order to prevent incidents, injuries, diseases and harmful effects on health and work-related deaths and / or reduce the severity of damage related to professional activities and the work environment.

The FSC standard (for “Forest Stewardship Council”) aims to identify and promote sound forest management practices. It stipulates the principles, criteria and indicators for the certification of a forest.

The SFI program participants (for “Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc.”) take a commitment to sustainable forest management that encompasses a range of responsibilities, including maintaining the health and productivity of forests and the protection of water quality, biodiversity and sites of special interest.

CSA-Z809 is a Canadian standard published by the Canadian Standards Association. This standard describes the requirements that must be met by a manager or forest owner wishing to implement the requirements for public participation, system and performance for a defined forest area (DFA).

The commitments to sustainable forestry also include the training and education of employees, contractors and operators, support research and development of sustainable forestry by educating landowners and community involvement. These standards provide buyers and the public the maximum credibility pledges and encourage companies and communities to “develop and implement a policy of responsible wood procurement”.

The purpose of the traceability chain is to encourage constructive forest management initiatives socially, environmentally and economically responsible, making them visible and credible by a label affixed to products from certified forests.

Traceability chains are intended to control the wood from certified throughout the forest supply chain, from upstream (from the certified forest management unit) to the end customer, through all stages production and processing and optionally recycling of waste wood and paper. The logo allows the consumer or the public to identify wood and wood products from a forest boasting a forest management respecting the principles of sustainable development as defined in Rio in June 1992.

Different chains traceability programs are available, including FSC (for “Forest Stewardship Council”), SFI (for “Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Inc.”) and PEFC (“Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes”).

We are also able to support our customers in the implementation and maintenance of the following management systems:

Food safety (ISO 22001, SQF 2000, HACCP)
Analytical laboratories (ISO 17025)
Energy management (ISO 50001)
Sustainable development (ISO 26001)
Security of Information Technology (ISO 27001)

Gap analysis or Diagnosis:
The audit gap analysis or diagnosis can determine the strengths and weaknesses of your current management system. Thereafter, we develop an action plan that will serve to effectively improve management practices.

Internal audit:
For many customers, we perform internal audits to ensure that your management system is effective and consistent with the applicable standard. We can also provide customized training Internal (s) auditor (s), to audit your management system.

Legal Compliance Audit:
Whether as part of a due diligence process or to meet a requirement of an environmental management system or health and safety, we check whether activities and your company’s facilities comply with laws and regulations. We use very comprehensive tools and updated to make clear problem situations and to present, in the form of a comprehensive report, the results of the compliance audit.

Legal monitoring:
To keep constantly up to date with legislation on environmental, health and safety issues, we offer a legal watch service or legal monitoring. You will receive a personalized report that will allow you to demonstrate due diligence vis-à-vis the new requirements, prevent potential violations and help you prepare for compliance audits with legal requirements.

We offer several training tailored to your needs and are in line with your existing management system. We have the approval of the CPMT (Commission des partenaires du marché du travail – Committee of labor market partners) in Quebec.

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The extensive experience and professional skills of our team enabled us to offer our customers solutions tailored to their needs, with the aim of successful mandate and achieving concrete and measurable results.

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